“Xexun TK203 Personal Tracker in GPS Watch format with GSM full quadband frequency. The TK203 GPS device of Xexun can send data to a Tracking Management Platform always online, where you can make real-time tracking of the person that has the device.

Brand: Xexun
Model: TK203
Target Market: Track & Trace
GSM band: 850/1900 Mhz., 900/1800 Mhz., Full quadband
Voice: No
Back up Battery: Yes
Internal Memory: Yes

Communication method:GSM, GPRS
Position by: Time
Sleep mode: Yes
Pre-defined inputs: Panic
Antennas: GPS internal, GSM internal
Casing: Plastic with IP65 certification
Extra Connectivity: Mini USB port
Made in: China” – Xexun

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