Welcome to use this Real Time Vehicle GPS tracker CCTR-810 & tracking system. This product integrates GSM and GPS Module. So it can achieve many functions through our website, such as real time uploading current location to website, display history tracking on website, monitoring and speaking through the mobile phone, alarming over certain area or speed, remote controlling to turn off the engine, emergency SOS help etc, and it has built in backup rechargeable polymer battery (800mAH) to protect cut the power supply, also It have SMS locate and link locate function without platform. With GPS and GSM, the tracker sends the present location information through GPRS to internetserver, so that user visit the website www.999gps.com with the applied user’s name and password (Given by us) through any computer with available internet, and without downloaded any software. And itcan help to arrange the whole fleet or the vehicles of company or group or personal vehicles with the anti-hijack function.
And also user use mobile phone visit website: www.999gps.mobi with the vehicle name and check password (defined in the Terminal management), the last location information & location map will display on your mobile phone.
It can be used as tracking cars, company vehicles, buses, taxis, trucks, moving equipments, transportations, etc

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