Welcome to use this real time car GPS tracker CCTR-801.This product is with GPS module and GSMmodule, that has many new and unique functions, such as built in rechargeable battery for power down alarm & tracker removed alarm, built in microphone for listen sound in car, real time uploading current location to
server, playing back history tracking on website or mobile phone, SMS locate with google map, sensitive shock sensor built in to control power saving etc. the tracker can auto configure APN & GPRS setting, also user can send SMS to set the APN & GPRS. it is very easy to install and using, just connect the power supply is OK, and it is wide working voltage range (9-30V), it can be used as car (12V) or tuck (24V) bus etc. With GPS and GSM, the tracker sends the present location information through GPRS to internet server, so that user visit the website www.999gps.net with the applied user’s name and password (default user name
and password are the last 7 digitals of the ID) through any computer with available internet, current location checking, history tracking playing back, alarm & running report etc can be operated, it is used for alarm, fleet management, anti-hijack etc. Normally the platform service charge is free (some distributor maybe sale different package of 1 or 2 years service charge free), please confirm your expired date after login the website, and the tracker will be active after the tracker power on.User can download Android or iPhone iOS app software to android or iPhone mobile phone, click the app, logon with user name and password, you can locate current location & display history tracking, the user name and password is same with the website login. Also following 999GPS official account on WeChat software, map or text description location can be sed back by WeChat. Basically using mobile phone send SMS or call the tracker can get the SMS of the current location Google map link. This GPS tracker can be used as car alarm, fleet management, driver management etc, it can be used for tracking cars, company vehicles, buses, taxis, trucks, etc.

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