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Speedotrack , Professionally advanced software tracking platform, latest innovation developed by Speedotrack’s core software team. With extensive programming and modular design, the tracking software experts in simplifying vehicle monitoring process, so as to make things easier and finally to deliver an entirely customizable experience.

Speedotrack platform consists of an extendable database, which ultimately can meet various functional requirements and needs. Based off the latest and most secure Cloud technology, which has the ability to provide almost any type of customization that its needed. Fleet management, personal, or any type of tracking, Speedotrack is sure to be the only GPS tracking platform for all your needs.

We expect to see this revolutionary system could be fully utilized by all our dear customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at:


Real Time Monitoring

A live view of specific individual or the entire GPS tracking fleet

Comprehensive Data Report

Easily create and download your own report and see everything at a glance.


Easily get alert messages and view alert log.


  •  Real-time monitoring
  •  Intuitive Web interface and Mobile apps (IOS and Android)e
  •  Real Time Alerts through Push Notifications on Apps, SMS, Email
  • Comprehensive Data Report
  • Parking report, Speed Report, Travel report, Event report
  • Historical data
  • Geo-fence
  • Parameter settings
  • Sending command
  • Multiscreen Monitoring
  • Smart UI design
  • Rebranding accepted
  • Account control management
  • Online configuration
  • Flexibility with modularization design solution
  • Scalability of millions of data on Hadoop/Hbase base hadoop, hbase
  • Customized Service
  • 7/24 technical support

Explore Now

  • Go to website www.protrack365.com/ and use the demo account to discover more about our user-friendly and high-performance tracking system.
    Login: SpeedotrackIndia
    Password: Speedotrack888888
  • Scan the QR code below or search the app on the Androld or APP Store. After installation. you can launch the APP and log in the demo account.
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