• Real-time tracking
  • Multi-user management.(Support admin, user. etc)
  • SOS alarm, low power alarm, Park alarm, Geo-fence alarm etc.
  • Playback history.
  • Set geo-fence, speed limitation.
  • Send email or SMS when alarm.
  • Used Map: Google Map,
  • Modify the time interval of tracker’s data report
  • Support Multi-languages



Physical Specifications

Item Description Specifications
Dimension Length 81.2 mm
Width 57.8 mm
Height 17.2 mm
Antenna GPS External & internal
GSM/GPRS Internal

GPS Tracker Specifications

Item Description Specification
Chipset Skytraq Venus634LPx
Sensitivity Tracking -161dBm
General Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 51 Channel Acquisitions
14 Channel Tracking
Datum Default WGS-84
Accuracy Position 2.5m CEP
Velocity 0.1 meters/second
Time 300ns
Time to First Fix (TTFF) Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
Open Sky & Stationary Requirements Hot start 1 sec., average typical TTFF @ -130dBm
Warm start 28 sec., average typical TTFF@ -130dBm
Cold start 29 sec., average typical TTFF@ -130dBm
Dynamic Conditions Acceleration 4g, max.


GSM/GPRS Tracker Specifications

Item Description specification
Air Interface GSM or GPRS Dual Band 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz
Protocol Stack GSM Rel.97. STK Rel.99
GPRS Rel4.0 Class 10
Output Power Class 4 (2W) at 850/900 MHz
Class 1 (1W) at 1800/1900 MHz
GSM Sensitivity 850/900 MHz -110 dBm
1800/1900 MHz -109 dBm
Messaging SMS concatenated
Smart messaging(GPRS)


Environmental Specifications

Item Description Specification
Temperature Operating range -10 °C to 55 °C
Storage range -20 °C to 70 °C
Humidity up to 95% non-condensing


Indication Conditions LED display
Service Limit service (no sim card in) Red LED On (Power)
Blue LED On (GPS)
Orange LED On (GPRS)
No GPRS service (no signal) Orange LED on
GPS Not Fixed Blue LED On
Mode GSM + GPS Not Fixed Blue On
Orange blinking
GSM + GPS Fixed Blue blinking
Orange blinking
Battery Low battery (under 3.6V) Red blinking per second
Charging Red On
fully charged Close


Electrical Specifications

Item Description Specification
Supply voltage From Car Power 12 V – 24 V
Power consumption Operation mode (GSM) 130mA~ 270mA
Standby mode (Trace On) 70±5mA
Power saving mode (Trace Off) 3mA

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