Product Description
1. Fuel sensor, buzzer,door sensor
2. two way conversation
3. temp. sensor
4. tremble sensor
Product Feature
– Voice, SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP communications
– Remote configuration
– Real-time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or course change)
– Intelligent power management: normal, sleep and deep sleep
– Tremble sensor for vehicle motion and impact detection
– Power low / lost alarm
– Two way Voice communication (Optional)
– Geo-fencing reports
– GSM / GPRS simultaneously
– Mileage report
– GPS antenna disconnect detection
– Up to 8,000 data saved capacity

Product Specification / Models
Description for GPS trackers
1. Quectel GSM module
2. Sirf-starIII GPS Chipset
3. Track by cell phone / PC
4. Over-speed alarm
5. Low power alarm
6. Geo-fence alarm
7. Tremble alarm
8. Parking alarm
9. SOS alarm
10.Exterior power off alarm
11.Harsh brake alarm
12.Harsh acceleration alarm
13.GPS antenna cut alarm
14.Heartbeat alarm
15.Control car doors close/open
16.Detect the status of engine on/off
17.Cut off the engine power
18.GPRS(TCP/UDP), SMS Support,
19.Sleep mode for Saving Power and GPRS traffic
20. 900 mAh Backup battery
21. 16 I/O ports

Application / Models

Application for GPS tracking system:
1. Vehicle tracking.
2. Vehicle Security/Recover/Anti-hijacking
3. Mobile Asset Tracking
4. Location-based Services
5. Fleet Management: car, taxi, bus, truck etc;

Other Information
Fuel Level Monitoring for GPS tracking sytem:
– accuracy: 10% or 10mm
– fuel level detect with debounce time: the peak value will be intelligently processed due to the bumpy road or going

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