“Products: GPS Tracking Solution
Model No.: AT05
Low Cost but Multiple Functions GPS Tracker
GPS tracking software platforms supporting this tracking device: traccar gurtam gpsgate gps-server navixy

● Supports OBD II, RFID reader, iButton Reader
● Supports 1 Fuel sensor, 2 temperature sensors
● GPS and GLONASS supported simultaneously
● BeiDou and Galileo supported optionally
● 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer movement status monitoring
● Support DC 9v –50v , over-voltage protection
● Send commands to GPS trackers via GPRS or SMS
● Send GPRS data to IP or domain name
● Google map link sent via SMS
● Voice monitoring function with microphone
● user defined settings on I/O ports: digital input, digital output
● High temperature and low temperature resistant battery

● GSM: Quad-band: GSM850 / E-GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900
● u-blox GPS module with high GPS positioning accuracy
● SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP communications
● Real time tracking and history data traces tracking
● Track by cell phone or web based tracking software
● Real-time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intelligent Mode)
● Multiple larm types
● Control car doors close/open, Detect the status of engine on/off
● Intelligent power management: normal, sleep, deep sleep
● flash memory for data storage in GSM blind area
● Sleep mode for Saving Power and GPRS traffic
● Backup battery: 300 mAh Li Polymer battery
● Geo-fencing reports: into-Geo-fence; Out Geo-fence
● Motion sensor for vehicle motion detections
● Different GPRS data string sending intervals:
● at certain interval in engine on or tremble state;
● at the other interval in engine off or still state
● Flexible GPRS data sending modes by different triggers:
● data sent by time interval;
● data sent by distance;
● data sent by course change.” – Totem Tech

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