GH3000 is a device with built-in function characteristics of a mobile phone and an integrated A-GPS receiver. This device is intended for the surveillance and protection of people, cargos and other objects. The A-GPS receiver will find the current location of the device and will sends this data to a person in charge or the operation centre.


Periodical logging interval Every 600 sec. (10min.)
Configuration password 0000
Device name GH3000
AGPS option Disabled
Alarm method GPRS or SMS
Alarm SMS message sending period Every 60sec. (1min)
Man-down function – base device position Vertical (Disabled)
Alarm duration time 300 sec. (5min.)
Track logging Interval when Alarm is active  5 sec.
SMS tracking Interval Every 600 sec. (1min)
Time in the SMS messages GMT (+0:00)
Ringing melody Pink Panther
Low battery alarm messages When battery charge level becomes 30%

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