Device Overview

The GH1202 GPS tracking device from Teltonika is a dedicated personal tracker. The GH1202 has many user-friendly tracking features that allow for the tracking of individuals or valuable assets for 100 hours. A built-in SOS button can be programmed to generate an alert using the Track Everything alert system. Alerts are sent to a designated contacts using via text message and email. These features and many more allow for GPS tracking on the go that can keep an asset or individual safe.

Device Specs

Manufacturer: Teltonika
Model: GH1202
Device Type: Individual or Asset Tracker
I/O 0/0
Battery: Yes – Internal Backup Battery
Communication methods: GPRS, SMS, GSM

Device Features

  • Handheld design for Individual design
  • Internal GPS/GMS Antennas
  • Programmable panic button
  • Up to 100 Hours of tracking on a single charge
  • Several user tracking modes


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