The Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable is an asset tracking device with a robust IP67 housing. It can be used for tracking large valuables (containers, swap bodies, Freight wagons …) up to max. one year. It is suitable for applications that require a higher tracking frequency.


  • Tracking device with robust housing enables applications under the most difficult environmental conditions
  • Maintenance-free operation for up to one year with 10-15 messages per day
  • Integrated antennas allow quick and easy installation
  • Easy installation thanks to integrated antennas and highly sensitive GPS receiver technology
  • Device configuration and communication via serial interface or via SMS / GPRS

Location of:

  • Containers
  • Freight wagons without their own power supply
  • Heavy equipment (e.g. construction; industry)
  • Any valuables with a long lifespan

Example applications:

  • Improvement of the supply chain visibility
  • Security applications for locating and replacing valuable logistics objects and heavy equipment

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