Model ST-908
Application Multi-function vehicle tracker, It can connect to Door Sensor, Shock Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Fuel Sensor and Camera etc.
Material Aluminum alloy case, black scrub paint, stable and solid.
Weight 190g
Unit size 110mm(length) * 68mm(width) * 24mm(height)
Customize over 200pcs.


Operating temperature -15°C ~ 80°C
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 85°C
Operating humidity 0% ~ 90% (Non-water vapor condensing)
Protection degree IP53
Power voltage 9V ~ 40V
Input current 80mA ~ 2000mA
Power rating 1.5W
Operating current 60mA(GSM available), 120mA(maximum)
Back up battery 4.2V / 750mAH Lithium battery
GSM Module Four-Band GSM850/900/1800/1900 (MHz)
GPRS connectivity GPRS multi-slot class 10, GPRS mobile station class B
GPS antenna Impedance 50 ohms
GPS Module Sirf IV, baud rate 9600bps, signal frequency1575MHz, 20 channels
GPS sensitivity Acquisition sensitivity-148dbm, receiving sensitivity -159dbm
Position accuracy 10m CEP without S/A
SIM card connector voltage 3V
acquisition Hot start 1s, warm start 38s,cold start 42s
Indicator LED 3colors indicator: Red(power),Yellow(GPS),Green(GSM)


Hardware Features
Positioning 24-hour satellite positioning:

  1. SMS location racking
  2. signal real time location tracking
  3. GPRS location tracking via time interval
Authorized wiretapping The vehicle can be wiretapped as authorized(inside microphone):

  1. SMS set authorized TEL number.
  2. Platform send command to listen.
  1. over-speed alarm.
  2. SOS.
  3. Main power on/off alarm
  1. ACC.
  2. Door sensor.
  3. Shock sensor.
  4. fuel sensor.
  1. remotely control fuel (with relay).
  2. remotely control electricity (with relay).
Parameters setting
  1. set tracker SMS password.
  2. set SOS and wiretapping TEL number.
  3. set over-speed value.
  4. set position report time interval.
  5. set GPRS position report mode
    1. fixed time running interval(when vehicle’s running).
    2. Report when car turning.
    3. Static interval (when vehicle’s parking, the time interval is 60times than running interval, this mode could save GPRS traffic and doesn’t affect vehicle alarms. If alarm happens, tracker will report position to platform).
  6. SMS or Platform(GPRS) remotely reboot tracker.
  7. SMS or Platform (GPRS) remotely set server IP, Port.
  8. Directly set parameters with LCD or dispatch handle
    1. Set APN.
    2. Set server IP, port.
Break point store When tracker is under GSM blind area, inside flash will store the location data, and then tracker will report data to platform when GSM signal is available.
Take Photo Tracker can connect camera to take photo:

  1. Press SOS to take photo.
  2. Open/close door to take photo.
  3. Take photo by fixed time interval.
  4. Take photo via platform command.


Special features (work with our tracking software)
  1. get real time position and alarms notice.
  2. get last position.
  3. position data includes: terminal ID, time, address, position validity, alarm( over-speed, SOS), vehicle status( engine, door, shock), speed, mileage, direction, GSM signal, GPS signal, Longitude, Latitude.
  1. mileage statistics, can synchronize initial mileage.
  2. working time and non-working time driving mileage statistics.
  1. Area-in alarm, area-out alarm, and set geo-fence area as station.
  2. Set geo-fence area as station and manage the in/out vehicle.
  3. Fence type includes: round, rectangle, polygon, broken line.
  4. Fence alarm real time notes, and can send alarm info to user specified mobile phone and email.
  1. Vehicle exceeds any speed enquiry.
  2. Vehicle various speed statistics.
  3. Vehicle parking time and address report.
  4. Vehicle daily running info report.
  5. Vehicle the vehicles that go through specified location.
  6. Driver over time fatigue driving report.
  7. Stat. engine on time, door open/close time, vehicle shock info.
  8. Mileage, speed curve chart display.
  9. Temperature curve chart and report.
  10. Latest photo check and historic photo report.
  1. Showing real time photo.
  2. Multi-vehicle can bulk send messages meanwhile.
  3. Check historic messages between tracker and platform.
  4. Vehicle maintains according to running mileage, and sends SMS notice.
  5. RFID user info management.
  6. RFID historic card record or last record.
  7. Showing RFID card holding driver info together with vehicle position data.
  1. Automatically get address by longitude and latitude.
  2. Multi-function system administrator, edit and manage user conveniently.
  3. Operate terminals based on users privilege to prevent error.
  4. multi-vehicle track replay meanwhile.
  5. Different colors to show vehicle different status: running/stop/alarm/invalid location.
  6. Real time Stat. vehicle status number: monitored qty/unmonitored qty/alarm qty/ located qty/non-located qty.
  7. Grouped display vehicles according to their info or status.
  8. Vehicle alarms or status changes, tracker sends SMS to defined phone to Email.
  9. Historic track can be output by KML, and load by Google Earth.
  10. All kinds’ reports can be output to Html, word, Excel files.

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