“miTrack-II is a GPRS/2G/GNSS based tracking terminal. Installation is easy and fast with internal GSM and GPS antennas. Battery option which provides generate an alarm against dismantled is available. Measuring driving dynamics and severity (aggressive acceleration, sudden brakes, hard turns, etc.) is possible through standard Motion Sensor. Input/Output ports for contact detection and motor blockage are available as standard.

miTrack Series terminals support SSL/TLS security standards as well as standard communication protocols such as MQTT, which can be easily integrated into known IoT platforms (Google®IoT, Microsoft®Azure, AWS®IoT, Cumulocity® etc.)


Compact Size, Durable and Light Weight Design

Internal GSM and GNSS Antennas

99 Channels GPS and Glonass Geolocation Receiver

Indoor Geolocation from Assist GPS and Base Stations

MQTT ISO/IEC 20922:2016 Communication Protocol Support

SSL/TLS Support

Contact Detection and Motor Blockage

Integrated Motion Sensor (G Sensor)

Remote Parameter and Software Update (FTP FOTA)

Built-in Battery Option

3 Status Indicator LEDs (GPS, Server, GSM Connection Status)

Up to 10.000 Data Storage with Internal Memory in Places without Reception” – Minova

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