3G WCDMA/UMTS network support
Real-time position acquiring
2 way voice communication (optional for Model “E” only)
Voice / Audio monitoring (optional for Model “E” only)
Vehicle trip history and mileage data on web tracking platform
SOS alarm button and real time reporting
ACC switch status alarm
Geo-Fence alarm and reporting
External power cut off alarm
Remote cut off fuel / ignition (optional)
Vehicle towing / Movement alarm
Over-Speed alarm and reporting
Backup battery low power alarm
Car battery low power alarm
High temperature alarm
Power saving / sleep mode
Camera Surveillance (optional for ODM only)
Door status sensor (optional for ODM only)
Fuel level sensor (optional for ODM only)
Item Specifications
Dimension 90(L)*70(W)*24(H)mm
Weight 138g
Input Voltage 12V-36V
Backup battery 600mAh/3.7v
3G Frequency bands MT500-E
900/[email protected]
900/[email protected]
850/[email protected]
850/900/1800/[email protected]
850/[email protected]
850/900/1800/[email protected]
800/850/900/1900/[email protected]
850/900/1800/[email protected]
Power consumption 60mA standby current
GPS Sensitivity -162dBm
Channel 56 Channel
Positioning Accuracy 10m
Hot start 1s on average
Warm start 15s on average
Cold start 30s on average
Working temperature -20°C to 70°C
Humidity 5%~95% non-concretion
Antennas External 3G & GPS antennas
Sensor 3D acceleration/movement sensor/ temperature sensor
SIM Card interface Standard Size SIM

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