High Accuracy 3 Years Long Standby Mini LK660 GPS GSM GPRS mobile tracker Waterproof .

1.GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning and LBS is manly for indoor position.

2.Three years long time standby,don’t need to recharge the battery,and the battery can’t be recharged.

3.One day upload one data to solve the battery power,after upload the data,the rest time of the tracker will be in deep sleep,you can’t wake up remotely.

4.If you want to change the working mode,you can send the commands to the tracker,will done when next time wake up and upload data,then the work mode be change into another mode.

5.If your car have been stolen,want to find it,you can set work mode not sleep,then the tracker can be work as real time tracking mode,every 10s up load one data,but this will consume more power and battery will be empty in 2-3 days,so if not in urgent,please don’t set it.

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