1. Vehicle Rental/Special Tracking System.

2. Finance and Insurance Business Tracking System.

3. Car Commanding and Dispatching System.

4. Heavy Construction Vehicles Tracking Device.

5. Intelligent Mnagement of Vehicle Monitoring System.

6. Car anti-theft Tracking.


* real-time Position and Tracking

* Get the longitude and latitude info by sending SMS.

* Emergency alarm/ SOS/Movement alarm/ Overspeed alarm/ Border crossing alert.

* ACC detection/ remote cut off oil and circuit.

* Support Fuel Sensor/ Storage/ Temperature Sensor/ Speaker/ Relay.

* Support LCD Display/ Camera/ LED/ Handle Speaker.

* Tracking way: Web tracking, mobile phone tracking.

* Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm: It will send SMS alarm after the original anti-theft alarm warning.

* Blind report after the event:when there is no GSM signal ,atuo storage the GPRS location data.after have GSM signal,then report the GPRS data.” – Keson

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