GP4000 is an intelligent GPS vehicle tracker with high cost-effectiveness, its stable performance has been strictly tested in 55 countries under different applications.

It has been widely used in remote monitoring management of logistics fleet, concrete mixing fleet, reefer fleet, taxi fleet and construction machinery.

The feature of 8 I/O signal inputs, 6 signal outputs, 1 RS232 serial port supporting more than 10 kinds external devices that enables GP4000 to be applicable in different vehicles and applications.



Low power consumption & wide voltage input

Multiple intelligent uploading modes, especially data uploading for angel variation.

Built-in triaxial G sensor applicable to different customized projects including intelligent harsh braking alarm .

Built-in road and polygon Geo-fence with alarms for road deviation, road speeding, zone speeding, zone overtime, etc. .

More than 20 kinds of alarm are available (SMS, GPRS).

More than 10 kinds of external devices are supported with excellent redevelopment frame.

43,200 pieces of history data storage with the feature of continuing transferring from breakpoint.



Dimension(LxWxH) 103x71x26mm
Weight 750g(with standard accessories)
Wroking Current 60-100mA
Working Voltage 10-30V
Backup Battery 8.4V 400mAh NI-MH Battery
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz









Type Description
Basic Function  Transmission Mode  TCP/UDP/SMS
 Interval type for data uploading  Time interval / Distance interval / Angle variation
 Data flow control / Power saving mode  Factory Setting / Customization / GPS module power off
 Intelligent data uploading of time management  Time Reference / Week Reference /Day Reference
 Vibrating detection  Build-in triaxial G sensor
 OTA  Continue transferring from breakpoint
 Mileage Statistics  GPS mileage / Electronic mileage
 Remote Listen-in  Active / Passive
 Geo-fence  64
 Road / Polygon  Geo-fence  100
 Hotspot  100
 Alarm type  GPRS/SMS/EMAIL
 Domain name supported / Build-in backup IP supported
 Blind area data supplementary uploading /History data intelligent uploading (43,200 pieces)
 GPS antenna open/short circuit detection / GPS signal uploading in real time.
 Self-check/Self-recovery/Self-protection/ Build-in battery
 Alarms 20 kinds
Alarm Function
 Enter/Exit Geo-fence Alarm, Overtime Parking Alarm, Fatigue Driving Alarm, Overspeeding Alarm, SOS (panic button)  Alarm, Backup Battery Starting Alarm, Illegal Ignition Alarm, Harsh Braking Alarm, Neutral Gear Gliding Alarm, Fuel Level Change Alarm, Seat Belt Unfasten Alarm, Towing Alarm, Hotspot Alarm, Deviation from the Route Alarm, Overspeed on Certain Road Alarm, Overspeed in Zone Alarm, Temperature Variation Alarm, Abnormal Tire Pressure Alarm, GPS Antenna Disconnection Alarm, etc.
External Devices  MDT (Dispatching screen)  Two-way voice/SMS dispatching
 High precision fuel level sensor
 Tire pressure monitoring sensor
 Temperature & Humidity sensor
 Password keypad
 Two-way voice box
 Magnetic door sensor
 Concrete mixer sensor
Control Function  Remotely cutting off the fuel pump / 5 output control defined by user
I/O Port
 6 Switch signal input
 1 Analog signal input ( 0-5v )
 1 Pulse signal input ( <3.8v,2KHZ )
 5 Switch signal output
 1  TTL Serial port

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