Features :

  • Haicom Asset Tracking Solution offers you a lot of advantages
  • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM system
  • External SiRF Star III high performance GPS receiver
  • Internal GSM active antennas
  • Advanced communication via SMS/TCP/UDP/HTTP
  • Program, control and update firmware the tracker from the OTA (Over the Air) web tracking platform and also USB configurations
  • Build in motion sensor for power saving
  • Support emergency/ over speed/ motion/ power lost alarm
  • Real time location report on preferred interval and vehicle status monitoring
  • Premium functions: Fast GPS Fixed/ A-GPS/ Geo-Fencing/ Handsfree Kit/ Anti-Theft/ Data Logger function with 8MB memory size with 100,000 records or more
  • Low battery alarm and battery voltage status
  • Our GPRS tracking software Platform and server is free; if you have your own server we can program our tracker with your server protocol
  • Worldwide coverage with NO additional programs to buy or install – no additional or hidden costs!
  • Built-in moving sensor with deep sleeping mode (2mA)
  • Built in 1,100 mAh battery for independent power
  • Very high sensitivity GPS fixed
  • Multi-ways tracking software plate form available
  • Customizations for different tracking applications
  • Comes with strong Magnetic mounting for easy attachment
  • Stand alone (Internal Antenna – Self Contained Unit)
  • Worldwide coverage using GSM/GPRS/SMS
  • allow you to monitor both on demand or at regular intervals
  • Ultra low power GPS.
  • All-in-one design.
  • Provides you 24/7 access to the location of all your assets.
  • LIVE real-time tracking, configurable from every 20 second to 72hour GPRS updates!
  • Give complete supervision into your operations by seeing how long
  • assets are sitting around in one place, when they start moving / stop moving etc.
  • Establish how long the assets are being used (actual operations time).
  • Warns when unauthorised/unwanted movement happens.
  • Provides security and accountability.
  • Enables the recovery of any stolen assets.
  • View asset’s history online from any computer

Applications :

  1. Real time vehicle tracking
  2. Moving assets security
  3. Personal tracking employee, teens, spouse, fleet, etc.
  4. Child, aged people protection
  5. Pet tracking
  6. Sporting, traveling, recreation tracing
  7. Remotely control vehicle from any where
  8. Tapping the talk around the tracker
  9. Rental car or commercial vehicle management

LED indicator :

LED Color LED Status
Amber On Charging
Off Charge Completed
Green flashing GPS in 3D fixed
Stay on GPS not 3D fixed yet
Off GPS in sleeping mode
Red On Battery low
White Off 3 sec./On 75 micro sec. GSM stand-by
Off and On 600 micro sec. Searching GSM network or no SIM
Stay on GSM network connected

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