1. Product Introduction

M518 GPRS/GSM Model GPS intelligent terminal (Mobile user terminals)
Built-in industrial GPRS/GSM communication module and the newest SIRF-Star III
High-sensitivity GPS receiver positioning module,adopt GPRS and SMS Dual-mode
communication, terminal run stably and reliably, full functions, multi-interface, the
terminal can be applied to concrete, rental, logistics, public transport, bus and other
fields, and also according to different industries, tailored to different users

2. Characteristics

1) easy to install;
2) accurate GPS positioning, dynamic positioning deviation is less than 5 m;
3) support GSM voice and SMS functions, UDP / TCP protocol communications in
GPRS mode;
4) support the GPS data uploading at intervals and location;
5) support the two way voice communication function;
6) support Call Barring of group numbers function;
7) support two way SMS communication via Mobile and PC software;
8) support the mute function;
9) support authorized tapping function;
10) support protection from high or low level voltage function;
11) support 5 levels of signal detection;
12) support the data resend from signal dead zone function;
13) support remotely locking vehicle function;
14) support watching vehicle function;
15) support SOS alarm function;
16) support the power-off alarm function;
17) support the high-voltage under-voltage alarm and alarm functions;
18) support over speed alarm function;
19) support parking alarm function;
20) support illegal door-open, illegal engine-start alarm function;
21) support fuel consumption detection;
22) support fuel changing alarm;
23) support mileage statistics;
24) support Geo-fence alarm;
25) support fatigue driving alarm;
26) support temperature detection alarm;
27) support three serial peripherals (such as the car handles, scheduling screen,camera);
Hardware parameter
working voltage 8VDC~36VDC
Working current 50mA~160mA
GSM module inside contain frequency GSM 900/1800 inside contain frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz (can tailor)
Communication protocol UDP/TCP(can customize)
GPS module GPS SIRF-Star III CMOS chip group
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A coding 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 20 channels for tracking
Position accuracy 10 meter, 2D RMS
Speed accuracy 0.1 meter/second
Time accuracy GPS synchronization
Default data WGS-84
Recover Average 0.1 second
Hot start Average 1 second
Warm start Average 38 second
Cold start Average 42 second
Height limit 18,000 meter (60,000 feet) max
Speed limit 515 kilometer/second (1000 knots)max
Acceleration limit Less than 4g
Expansion peripheral Peripherals can be accessed by an extension (such as: Handle /scheduling screen / camera etc.)

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