fleet management like construction trucks, rental cars, logistics vehicles and public transportation,

anti-theft system and security purpose.



1, advanced GPS chipsets and multi-band GSM module

2, track by SMS or GPRS

3, track by interval or on demand

4,SOS alarm

5,Low power alarm

6, protection from high or low level voltage

7, the data resend from signal dead zone

8, voice monitoring

9, speeding alarm

10, Geo-fence alarm

11, parking alarm

12, external power disconnection alarm

13, milemeter

14, flash

15, fatigue driving alarm

16, cut off engine remotely

17, detect engine, ACC, doors, aircondition etc.

18, update firmware by remote operation

19, TCP/UDP protocol

20, internal Li-polyme battery

21, 3 digital input, 1 digital output

22, remote update

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