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Features Speedotrack World Others
HardwareImported from ChinaLocally assembled with foreign modules
Channel use to GSM64 Channels 32 Channels
Current Vehicle StatusUser can see the current status of all the vehicles on the dashboard in a single page from our Tracking Platform and also through iOS and Android AppNot available
CoverageEntire India(Detailed) similar to GP NetworkPartial Coverage(Similar to Banglalink Network)
Interface LookingWorld Class leading e cloud based Tracking Platform with iOS, Android and Web InterfaceOld Platform with no feature upgrades
Data Refreshing Interval10+ seconds (Depending on the speed)60+ seconds
GSM ConnectivityIf GSM connection fails then the previous data is uploaded as soon as the GSM connectivity is restablished. There is no impact on the Engine statusIf GSM connection fails then the engine may or may not stop instantly
Creating AccountUser can open individual account per vehicleNot available
Warranty PeriodReplacement within 12 months and lifetime serviceReplacement within 12 months and 24 months service
User ManualCan be downloaded from the InterfaceNot available
Tracking AccuracyOn Road (ex-indicate North-East, South-West) Not available
Exclusive Reports Providing reports on extended trip, idle report, Total Vehicle Alarm, Engine Status Report, Vehicle Position and Speed Violation Report, Near Miss Alert, Time interval based trip report, Mileage report and much moreUnavailable platform to provide all reports on a single interface
Halt ReportReport generated from Engine Turn On until Turn Off (No Time Limits).Report cannot be generated after exceeding Time Limit
Service DependencyPrivate call center and Installations /Technical teamOther Service oriented dependencies enrolled
Service & Installation on other Divisions/DistrictAvailable in all 7 Divisions
Setting Changes User can change Driver profile, observe Speed Limit, Alert and Push-Pull Numbers on their ownOnly possible through a request via Call Center
Nearby Vehicle SearchPossible with our serviceNot available
Installation and Support processOn Site/Off Site(both), we have our own dedicated mobile team for providing support and installations as per client request locations within our prescribed DivisionsOnly available on the Off Site
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