TK119 waterproof GPS Vehicle tracker have a very wide range of industrial and civil applications, is a powerful GPS locator, 7-72 – v voltage range, suitable for all vehicle, cars, motorcycles, etc., the remote location, cutting oil, remote mobile phone, computer checking their position at any time. At the same time also has the remote power cut-off, ACC detection, waterproof, and other functions.

Typical application industry are: logistics enterprises, the management team, the bus management, insurance companies, power companies, oil companies, telecommunications companies, taxi companies, car sales, car rental company scale, less-than-one carload leasing companies, auto car drives, small and medium-sized enterprise team, vehicle maintenance and repair personnel, automotive technology researchers, individual owners.

Product Features

1.Supports quad bands,i.e. 850/900/1800/1900MHz, universal in the world.

2.Super Wide Input Voltage:9-72V DC.

3.Support GPS/Glonass precise positioning system, support A-GPS 4.GPS data uploaded by GPRS regularly, Web browser platform, Smart phone

app platform and SMS query.

5.Supports ACC status checking and vehicle status notifying.

6.Built-in battery, Power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm.

7.Built-in G-sensor ,Vibration, collision and falling alarm.

8.GEO-fence alarm, speed & shift alarm.

9.Use relay to remotely cut the oil 

10.Extend I/O port to add extension function 

11.Multiple protocol support, OTA upgrade program.

12.Water proof level IP67

Alarm Type

Speed Alarm

Geo-fence Alarm

Shift Alarm

Vibration / Collision / falling Alarm

Low battery/Power off Alarm

Basic Specifications


Voltage 12VDC/24VDC/48VDC/60VDC/72VDC
Standby Current 10mA@12V
Work current 30mA@12V
GPS Accuracy 5m-15m
GSM Accuracy >100m
GPS Frequency 1575MHz
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Hot/warm/cold Start <3s,<15s,<60s
Battery Capacity 90mAh
Dimensions (mm) 87(L)X41.6(W)X 12(H)
Work Temperature -20℃~70℃
Work Humidity 20%~80%RH
Net Weight 50 g

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