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Efficient solution for remote monitoring of drilling rig


Fuel theft prevention

Engine operation time tracking

Online fuel consumption monitoring

Prevention of equipment downtime

Remote monitoring of equipment’s health

Technoton’s solution “Digital drilling” is designed for performance evaluation and optimization of drilling rig’s power units (diesel generator sets) and remote monitoring of drilling rig’s engines. Drilling rig monitoring system allows to increase operational efficiency of drilling rig, reduce maintenance costs and prevent failures of power units.

Extended information on fuel volume in tanks, fuel consumption and engines’ operation time in various work modes is gathered using smart-sensors such as DUT-E fuel level sensor and DFM fuel flow meter. Basic data from standard rig sensors (temperature, rotation, pressure) is collected using MasterCAN DAC configurable i/o module. All data is sent over CAN j1939/S6 interface to CANUp online gateway and later transferred to web-based monitoring platform.

“Digital drilling” significantly simplifies data collection and processing, allows to ensure continuous operation of power units, implement predictive maintenance approach and increase entire efficiency of drilling rig operation.

Telematics system setup
Reports, parameters, notifications


  • Engine operating time in “Tampering” mode, h
  • Engine operating time in “Interference” mode, h
  • Fuel consumption in “Tampering” mode,



MasterCAN DAC converts various types of analogue signals (voltage, frequency, pulse, discrete, resistive) to digital for further transfer to S6 interface.
It povides data from standart (basic) sensors

  • Total fuel consumption, L
  • Total fuel consumption in “Idling” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Optimal” mode of engine operation
  • Total fuel consumption in “Overload” mode of engine operation
  • Engine speed
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil level
  • Coolant temperature
  • Operating time (engine hours)
  • Total time, h
  • Total time in “idling”, “optimal”, “overload” operation mode
Products used in solution

Task: Fuel consumption monitoring

Equipment: drilling rigs

Solution: DFM fuel flow meter

Result: reduction of diesel fuel consumption by 25%

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