“The compact gprs-gps and the micro gprs-gps are two localization devices that integrate in a single hardware a gsm-gprs quad-band module and a sirfstar3 satellite receiver, universally recognized among the best in the sector. The two models are functionally equivalent and support a single firmware version, which contains the best of implementations so far made for this family of products.

From the constructive point of view, these are instead two very different models; the compact gprs-gps is a compact device made in a single hardware that integrates all the elements necessary for its operation. It is mainly designed for installation on locomotion vehicles where there are no particular constraints of space (cars, trucks, campers, water vehicles …).

As for the functionalities, the devices can be programmed to send GPS data at regular intervals (travel tracking) or when a shift occurs (speed alarm); they can be interrogated remotely to receive gps data on request, via sms, or via a gsm-gprs data connection; they can memorize the routes taken and download them in various ways (mail, ftp); they are equipped with the classic functionalities of a bidirectional remote control, ie they can spontaneously send an alarm in case of intrusion (acting as a GSM telephone dialer) and have outputs that can be piloted via SMS, for relay switching on and off and control to distance of some electrical loads of a vehicle (the arrows, the horn …),

The last evolution is represented by the possibility of receiving localization in google map format; this function allows the user to open the sms message and automatically access the google map, using a common cell phone equipped with internet connection. It is a powerful and simple function at the same time, excellent for both less experienced users and professionals in the sector.

Although the cost is just higher than the commercial products of eastern import, equipped with basic functions, the gprs-gps modules have professional performances and advanced features that can be found only in products of much higher cost. Among them we highlight the possibility of sending data directly on the web, through the http protocol, the possibility of downloading historical data via email or ftp, interfacing with a server in ftp mode,

gsm-gprs quad-band

gps sirfstar3 (20 channels, -159db)

integrated battery charger

rechargeable lithium battery included

advanced energy saving functions

2 digital outputs with LEDs

4 digital inputs, 2 control inputs and 2 alarm inputs

2 adc inputs, with analogue alarms

motion sensor

complete audio interface and environmental listening microphone included

tracking and speed / shift alarm functionality

intrusion and overflow alarms, 4 configurable geographical areas

storage of routes, 512kb eeprom

data connection function for real-time gps and historical data download

data transmission on the web with http protocol

data transmission by email

ftp data transmission

link sms to google maps

security pin management” – Carrideo

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