Key features:

– configuration and firmware update via online cloud service;

– ability to operate with temperature sensors, RFID, flow level (DFM) and other telematic sensors;

– battery built-in/without = cheaper price;

– Glonass/GPS, LBS support;

– GSM signal jamming detection;

– protocol support (own Bitrek protocol or Wialon IPS 1.1);

– supports FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) – ability to change settings and firmware remotely;

– power circuit protection as in premium models;

– newly designed case.

Here you can find compared devices:,58,57,69

Latest update: in the next three months, our low-cost line will renew by BI 520L in the same case as all BI 5xx TREK series. It will replace BI 868 TREK that was a main basic device (in the cheap segment) for hundreds of our dealers.

The difference between them will be only in the capacity of the battery; those devices don’t suppose autonomous operation.

#Bitrek keep control #BI530R #BI520R #BI520

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