All in One Sealed – GPS Tracker

Applications: Asset Tracking, Cargo Tracking, Vehicle Tracking,
Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Surveillance, Covert,
Security, Fixed & Mobile Assets, etc.

Professional GPS tracking made simple! The AQUILA requires no cables and no external battery. The end to the plastic split case with bulky, bolt on external magnets. The advanced power management & deep sleep mode enables the AQUILA to operate on a single charge with a battery life of up to one year.

Interior: The ultimate in stealth performance is provided by 3 separate embedded magnets for an exterior flush mount. 3 internal antennas, high capacity internal battery, and the latest in GPS and cellular electronics comprises the design of AQUILA tracker.

Unmatched Battery Performance with Advanced Power Management Design
24/7 Real-Time GPS Tracking & Monitoring
Reporting Intervals Tailored to Your Needs
10,400 mAh Internal Battery

3 Built in Magnets (80 lbs. of pull power)
Military Grade Case Designed for Ruggedness
Plugged in Charging or Inductive Charging
Position Accuracy Within 10 Feet
1 Year Device Warranty

Compact Size: 5” x 2.00” x 1.875”
Quad-Band for Global Coverage (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
Built in Vibration Sensor
Mobile Software Access (Android and iOS)

All Alerts sent via SMS Txt and/or Email to multiple recipients simultaneously
Geo Zone Alerts
Speed Alerts

Low Battery Alerts
Free Fall Detection Alerts
Asset Moving/Asset Dormant Alert Notifications

Range of 30 days to 60+ days*
*Based on typical usage
(Battery recharge time: 8-10 hrs. w/included wired charger or 10-15 hrs. w/inductive charger)” – Aquila

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