ANBTEK is one of the earliest manufactures who devoted  herself to GPS tracker industry in mainland China.We specialize in Design, Development, Manufacture,  Sales and Support of technologically advanced GSM/GPS fleet Management and Vehicle Security Protection Tracking Solutions. We owned a young and craetive R&D team, implementation of ISO9001 International Quality Management System with  products are sold to over more than 40 Countries and regions.We work in partnership with our customer to develop solutions that deliery measurable buisiness and opeartional benefits by providing total visibility and control of mobile assets and mobile work forces.

1.Features and Specifications

 Item Name  Description
 <span “=”” style=”padding: 0px; margin: 0px;”>WCDMA Module  <span “=”” style=”padding: 0px; margin: 0px;”>QUECTEL UC15-E/A
 3G Frequency  <span “=”” style=”padding: 0px; margin: 0px;”>UC15-E






 GPS Receiver  Ublox 6M (Accuracy 1-3Meters in moving and open place)
 MCU Processor  ARM7 STM32F103VCT6
 Internal Memory  4MB
 Input Port  Ignition, Door, Panic, Quick-call, Microphone,iButton,

Fuel Voltage,Temperature Votage

 Output Port  Buzzer, Immobilizer, Speaker
 Audio Amplifier  3W
 Backup Battery  1000mAH/4.2V
 LED Indicator  Red:Work; Green: GPS; Yellow: GSM
 Working Power Range  9-36V DC/1.8A
 Consumption  Sleep: < 30mA, Standby:45-80mA
 Working Temp.  minor 25℃~+60℃  E20
 Unit Size  101*75*29.5mm
 Weight  0.6Kg
 RS232 One for Navigator Display;

Camera/Ultrasonic sensor/RFID share /Taxi Fare Meter share one  Port

 Data Transmit SMS/GPRS Communication


TS100W is 3G/GPS tracking terminal for fleets’ vehicles with powerful application functions.

It’s featured with high quality and reliable performance approved by 20000 vehicles installed. The friendly access by USB port or SMS for configuration and debug are another favorite feature by system integrators.

3.Data Report:

– Ignition On/Off

– Given time interval base

– Given Distance interval base

– Given moving angle base

– Time, Direction, Ignition status, Mileage, Battery level,Door Open

4.Alarms Report:

– Speed Over Alarm

– Power Disconnection Alarm

– Drive in not-permit time period

– GEO Area In/Out

– Vehicle Battery Low

– Panic Help

– Towing Alarm

– Temperature high/low alert

– Fuel Theft Alarm

– Original car alarm event

5.Remote Control Commands:

– Poll real time position

– Setup IP/Port, Device ID, Data report time interval

– Setup allow driving time period

– Stop engine / release startup

– Voice Listen-in authorization for once

  1. Applications:  

– Bus

– Taxi Dispatch

– Company cars

– Special vehicles

– Private car

– Heavy Machinery

– Transportation trucks for multi-monitoring

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