The advantages of Personal Broadcast based solutions are:
Lower cost labor for installation, modification and support
Proven reliable: Used around the world; day in, day out, digital broadcast TV
reliably sends perfect clear HD images and sound over large areas.
Completely wireless: No messy wires run, hide or trip over.

This is one of the famous and wellknown GPS Tracker device in market . We are able to connect different peoples together to communicate easily.




it is not only a GPS Tracker, but also a Kid phone, with RFID 2.4G chip inside the ID card, it supports school attendance system. The most completed solution for schools in the market. by using our ID card MT300s, you can connect school, parents , teacher and students together , closer……

Hot Features:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Two way audio
  • SOS
  • Voice monitor
  • School attendance( web&app)—NEW
  • Check homework (web&app) — NEW
  • Interaction with parents in the same class ( APP&app)—NEW
  • Approve Ask for leave ( app ) —NEW
  • Check school news, articles…—NEW

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