• Quad SIM: Embedded Dual LTE Modem + Quad-SIM achieve location free multi-ISP fail-over and load balance requirement.
  • Versatile Cellular: Preferred service selection can simplify uplink setting; toolkit function of data usage can control budget; configurable SMS command is useful and efficient for remote administration.
  • Complete Network: Built-in NAT/Port Forward/Routing/IPv6 are compatible to existing IP network.
  • Integrated WiFi Hotspot: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac compliant wireless local access with security, multi-SSID, and captive portal for privilege group devices or passengers.
  • High Security: Various VPN protocol & scenario can setup secure intranet; built-in Firewall & IPS prevent malicious attacks; CL & Authentication by MAC /User enhances secure access.
  • Flexible Administration: Web UI is used for basic setting; programmable CLI and Command Script is used for advanced configuration; system can be managed by NMS based on SNMP or TR-069.
  • Smart Event Handling: Mechanism to manage action for pre-define events by administrator. Events can be triggered or notified based on System/Interface status change, SMS, SNMP trap, or e-mail.
  • Ruggedized Design: Design with vibration and shock proof, extended operation temperature range for harsh environment, wide range power design for variable power input installation, ignition sense and cold crank power design for in-vehicle installation.
  • In-Vehicle Gateway: Built-in dual LTE and configurable Ethernet WAN/LAN, GNSS can provide for fleet tracking, enable electronic devices in vehicle to communicate with remote application servers on the move, and provide on-board WiFi to increase passengers satisfactions.

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